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Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

ELIGIBILITY: You are eligible for the benefits of this policy if you are the owner of OHP products. You must have the serial number from your purchase. Usage and installation must be according to OHP recommendations.

COVERAGE: Products that do not deliver satisfaction due to craftsmanship and/or material defects will be repaired or replaced at factory’s option. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement only and covers from 90 days to one year depending on the product purchased. (Please, check with your sales representative to determine specific coverage for your product.) The replacement price will be calculated by multiplying the current “predetermined price” or current advertised price (whichever is lower) by the percentage of usage at the time of adjustment.

Customer is liable for all installation, water heater, water pump, and federal and state taxes equal to the comparable new replacement.

ADJSUTMENT POLICY LIMITATIONS: The following are not covered by this policy:

  • Installation using a non-licensed contractor
  • Installation damage or defects
  • Improper usage causing defects
  • Any intentional alterations made to product
  • Accessories or components not manufactured by OHP
  • Shipping damage (all shipping damage claims must be filed with the carrier as per the carrier’s requirements).


OWNER’S OBLIGATION: All warranty returns must be shipped prepaid to the factory.

No claims will be processed until factory inspection.

All products replaced in adjustment basis become the property of OHP. Taxes or any additional service ordered at the time of adjustment must be paid by the owner.

No claim will be recognized unless submitted on an OHP claim form filled out and signed by the owner of the product.

SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR THE SOAKING TUBS: All OHP tubs are covered under this limited warranty only if properly installed and cared for.  There are not restrictions for outside installations.



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