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January 8, 2011 / Hinoki Soaking Tubs

Hinoki Foot Tubs

Don’t have the space for a Hinoki soaking tub?

You can still enjoy the aromatherapy and healing benefits Hinoki soaking tubs provide.  The fragrant Hinoki relieves stress and removes toxins from your feet


Those suffering from arthritis, corns, bunions, and other minor foot ailments have reported positive results and relief from warm-water foot soaking (also called hydrotherapy


Unlike a full-sized Hinoki soaking tub, no pump or heater is needed for a foot bath. It doesn’t require a dedicated bath or spa room, it doesn’t need a plumbing contractor for installation, and it costs a fraction of the price of a full-sized tub


For a limited time, buy one get one half off!  This therapeutic bath is only $500

January 8, 2011 / Hinoki Soaking Tubs

Hinoki Soaking Tub Bathroom Designs

This custom Hinoki Tub compliments the Japanese style bathroom with continuos wood throughout.

The focal point of this modern bathroom is a large Ofuro, or Hinoki Soaking Tub


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January 8, 2011 / Hinoki Soaking Tubs

Hinoki Background

HINOKI is the Asian name for a valuable species of tree with light-colored wood, rich, straight grain, a fresh soothing aroma, and high rot resistance.

For centuries, Hinoki has been the preferred material in Asia for building palaces, temples, shrines, and the world-famous Japanese baths.  It is Japan’s most prized softwood, and is the wood from which the late Emperor’s casket and funeral shrine were made.

It grows primarily in Asia and the western Unites and is known as Port Orford white cedar in this country.


To those familiar with Japanese culture, hinoki’s wonderful scent alone conjures images of opulent luxury and wealth, of Japan’s ancient glory.  As the favored material of the great Daimyo, and symbolic of their wealth and power, only they enjoyed the hinoki bath and luxuriated in rich mineral oils released from the wood by hot bath water.

In Japan, no ritual has been more uniquely important to the individual’s well-being than the bath upon returning home in the evening.  It is a time of purification and relaxation from the tensions of the modern world.


It is a spiritual moment.  It is pure. It is best if it is hinoki.